An Unexplainable Loss…

Loneliness, confusion, heartbreak, pain…words can’t comprehend the emptiness.  A life so precious, so strong, now gone.  Searching for answers are constant…I try to turn it off, but the thoughts keep me up at night.  I wake and embrace quickly to realize the physical change has now ended.  The emptiness creeps back in and no words can explain the pain.  My mind still in shock, yet my heart understands.  “What now?”…is the question that haunts me.  Finding normalcy feels almost unattainable for I will never be the same again…my normalcy has to be re-created.  Just when all hope is lost I find rest in Him. Like a precious life finds comfort in the arms of a mother, there is comfort in Him.  Tiny heartbeat once so strong is now gone…my hope is that we will meet again.       -me