The Center of My Universe…

10 year ann post2

January 3, 2004 was a monumental moment in my life.  During this time I was 21 years old, in college, dating an amazing boyfriend, and started attending an awesome new church.  New beginnings were on the horizon…it was the day the man of my dreams got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.  I said yes, and on October 16, 2004 we both said, “I do.”  Four years later, I was taking an acting class in college…as a dancer, having to verbally “act” is somewhat torture…I muscled through it, and for our final project we had to write and perform a monologue based on a personal life experience.  Being newly married and still in bliss, I chose to write about the exact moment my boyfriend clearly became the center of my universe.

“The best decision I ever made was marrying my best friend.  He is the cream in my coffee, the wind in my sails, the jelly to my peanut butter, and the center of my universe.  He is the one that pushes me to follow my heart’s desires.  I’ll never forget the day he proposed.  We took a trip with my cousin down to Santa Barbara.  We walked along the pier at State Beach, had breakfast, went shopping, and enjoyed the cool, crisp January air.  The sun was shining on the water just right and the beach was desolate.  We decided to take a walk on the beach while my cousin conveniently disappeared.  I began to write in the sand “Nate and Gaby 4-ever”.  He motioned me to come give him a hug, and as we separated our embrace I watched him slowly bend down on one knee and open this tiny velvet box.  The sun shined brightly illuminating this gorgeous ring.  My heart started pounding, the world got quiet, and tears began rolling down my cheeks.  I couldn’t hear anything he was saying; I just saw his mouth moving.  This was the moment I had been waiting for!  As my mind started to digest what was happening I said, “Yes,” and we hugged for what felt like an eternity.  It’s been four years since that moment and our love is stronger then ever.  He is my rock, my partner in crime, my lover, and my best friend.”

Tomorrow marks our 10 year anniversary…as an 18 year old, I fell in love and never looked back.  Life has happened, but we have chosen to stick by one another even when all hope was lost.  I look into those green eyes everyday and thank God for blessing me with a phenomenal man, and allowing our love to create two beautiful children…having a man in uniform is simply an added bonus!

Happy 10th Anniversary to my one and only, and still, the center of my universe.

10 year ann post


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