Madre, Mami, Mommy, Mom…

On days like today I, along with many others, take the time to reflect on motherhood.  Not only do I reflect on myself and the ways I can be a better mom, but I think about my own mom.  Without fail, as the years pass, I am more and more in awe of my mom.  Motherhood can be such a thankless portion of our lives, which makes today a great opportunity to thank our moms…to thank my mom….

Thank you for teaching me the importance of family time at the dinner table…thank you for reading to me and playing games with me…thank you for working overtime so that we could have a great Christmas and family vacations…thank you for enduring sleepless nights when I was sick…thank you for taking me to get my ears pierced…thank you for buying me my first pair of ballet shoes…thank you for all the prom dress shopping adventures, and for comforting me when I felt discouraged because nothing fit right…thank you for taking me to buy my wedding dress and for making sure I had an amazing wedding…thank you for helping me set up my dorm room and my first apartment…thank you for showing me how proud you were at my college graduation…thank you for taking me shopping for maternity clothes, and for easing my worries by simply showing up when I was in labor.  Thank you for asking the hard questions, and challenging me in my decisions…for not giving in when you wanted to, but knew I needed to learn a life lesson. Thank you for praying for me and showing me how to be a godly woman, wife and mother…Thank you for your unconditional love that started the moment you knew I existed.